About me:

Vivienne Lingard

me sketching 3I have been a practising artist and illustrator from the age of seventeen, and in more recent years have ventured into writing. In amongst this practice, I have gone to university and gained several qualifications (having not achieved such in my earlier years). I now have a Masters of Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Education (Teaching), plus a Certificate in English language teaching (CELTA). I have tutored adults and children, in art and illustration. I have belonged to writing groups and have run them too. I enjoy editing and critiquing work and have attended workshops to develop these skills. I have come to love the mechanics of writing as much as I love the act itself. I write adult fiction and non-fiction, which includes novels, short stories, essays and book reviews.

I live in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand, in a great apartment, with a study/studio facing the street. I am so fortunate to have a room I can call my own, and I love it!

I am passionate about reading, writing, art and crafts and have been writing about these interests, and others for five years now. I write about books, writers, the craft of writing, art practice and other associated interests. I also love travel and many of my stories involve the places I’ve been. I hope you enjoy my posts, whatever your interests.