About me:

Vivienne Lingard

Vivienne copyI have been a practising artist and illustrator from the age of seventeen, and in more recent years have ventured into writing. In amongst this practice, I have gone to university and gained several qualifications (having not achieved such in my earlier years). I now have a Masters of Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Education (Teaching), plus a Certificate in English language teaching (CELTA). I have tutored adults and children, in art and illustration. I have belonged to writing groups and have run them too. I enjoy editing and critiquing work and have attended workshops to develop these skills. I have come to love the mechanics of writing as much as I love the act itself. I write adult fiction and non-fiction, which includes novels, short stories, essays and book reviews.

Alas, the past two years have seen my art and writing almost cease, as a result of moving house twice, in preparation for building one of our own. This exercise however, proved difficult for several reasons, which prompted my husband and I to move away from that dream; not an easy thing to do, after three years of planning. We took a different path entirely.

I am now sitting at my desk in my new home, an apartment in the centre of Devonport,  Auckland, New Zealand, and find myself in the position of needing to establish myself within the community; something I know from experience, is not an easy thing to achieve. It takes motivation and energy to seek out like-minded people in a new environment. I knew that no-one was going to suddenly knock on my door and invite me out to join a group; the motivation had to come from me. I badly wanted to find my artistic mojo again, something hard to do on your own. So … I found out where local art classes were held, and enrolled. I also made a poster, expressing my interest in forming a writing group, and placed it in the local library. There’s nothing like sharing creative ideas and realised outcomes. I also began to consider the possibilities of creating a blog. The answer I formed was – Why not?

I am passionate about reading, writing, art and crafts and these are the areas I intend to immerse myself  in again. My aim is to write about books, writers, the craft of writing, art practice and craft-making – and to post various images of my projects as I go along.