Where it all started from

The moving of books from the old upstairs venue in September 1956

I have been waiting for some images from my talk at Upper Hutt Library, and finally, I am able to post them, and write about that day, plus other periods in my life related to Upper Hutt and the library. This library has seen many changes in my lifetime, from its position above a milk bar, to the Main Street, to its present position next to the council chambers. Each move provided a bigger space and wider service to the community. I want to celebrate that.

I must apologise here, for delaying this post for a further ten days. The reason? I am leaving for a South Island adventure early tomorrow and just don’t have time left to finish this post as I had hoped. It will be interesting, I assure you, and worth the wait to read. I am rather excited that my trip will offer me plenty of opportunities to take photos of the various activities we are going to do – as in biking, walking, boating around sounds etc., Giving me plenty of material to write several posts on in the future. So, until I can return to tell you more about the library, my talk and more, keep safe.


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