The Christmas Doll


Funny, just when I thought I had nothing to post, I turned my head and saw Rosemary sitting in the corner of my study, my ‘walkie talkie’ doll from childhood. I met Rosemary on a Christmas morning when I was six years old. My sister also received a doll, but there was something different about our parcels. Mine had a note pinned on. It read something like this. “Dear Vivienne, I have an apology, but on the way over one of my reindeer stood on your dolly, and now its ‘Mama’ doesn’t work. I know your parents will have it fixed as soon as they can. My best wishes, Father Christmas.” My reaction?

“That is Daddy’s writing!”I shouted and started crying, loudly. Let’s just say, Father Christmas and I never quite felt the same about each other after that, but I did so love my father. My doll never had her ‘Mama’ sound returned to her, but as all good Christmas stories must end well, I learned to love her minus the sound and can even say I became grateful for her peaceful demeanour. Rosemary is in need of more tender care these days, as over the years, the hinges inside that move her arms, neck, and legs are a bit worse for wear. When Christmas is over, it is on my list to take her for a drive to the Doll’s hospital and get her back in working order.

So, here’s my second Christmas greeting to you all! May your wishes come true.

5 thoughts on “The Christmas Doll

  1. Lovely story Vivienne. I also got a ‘ walkie talkie’ doll when I was about 4 I(1956.).
    I brushed her hair and……many years later I had a wig made for her and more recently she has been given a facelift by the wonderful repair lady who lives out near Muriwai.

    They are beautiful dolls and really were part of the childhood of many ’50’s children I suspect. Our 7 year old granddaughter loves dressing her and listening to her somewhat plaintive cry.
    Incidentally the repair lady did some nice work on my even older teddy bear and a Pedigree’ doll that I was given in my childhood.

    Merry Christmas !


    • Thanks Christine. I hope your Christmas has been a happy one. Our walkie talkie dolls were special, that’s for sure. And, if you have the name/number for the repair lady at Muriwai, could you please let me have it? My poor Rosemary is in need.


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