Ninja’s take on Christmas

Apologies for my lack of posting recently. Not yet back to my old self, although I have aged a year since I last wrote. So, maybe that should read, I am now my older self. I would like to introduce you to another family member – Ninja. My tabby Ninja is a delightful, and self-willed cat, but a great subject to help me out at this moment. I imagined that I could set up a great photo shoot where he meets Father Christmas and here is his reaction! Gee, thanks Ninja.

Despite Ninja’s disdain for this festive chap, I would still like to send you my very best wishes for the Christmas period. Here, in New Zealand we begin December 25th before anyone else, and shall be welcoming in the day approximately twelve hours from now! I hope that Christmas finds you in good health. And happy sketching to all those artists out there. Vivienne.

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