An angel for an artist who almost lost her work


Charcoal Angel

There are several artists who post on WordPress whose work I admire and follow. One such person is Chris, who recently moved house and stacked some favourite paintings and art folders by her door while she attended to a problem. Unfortunately the paintings were stolen and she was distraught. I can’t imagine how horrible that would have been. Other followers and I sent messages of condolence. Chris posted that at least her folder of drawings was spared, and showed images of two beautiful pastel drawings of angels which she’d done some years before.

I was out walking near my house the other day and saw a statue of an angel in front of a lovely brick home; once an old, derelict church. That’s when I had the idea to sketch
the angel for my on-line friend. Meantime, good news! Chris has had her paintings returned. Must have been those angels looking out for her.

But I have decided to send my angel sketch to you regardless, Chris, as I guess it wouldn’t hurt you to have more.

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