The (frustrating) last lap…

Although Pocket Money & Other Stories won’t be released until June, at least the marketing is getting underway. It has been rather strange, sitting back, and letting the publicist take over the reins. With the last book, in 2020, I did all the marketing and promotional work, and over the past few weeks I’ve basically been fluffing around. But this week, I decided I must secure a venue for the June launch. One place had been mucking me about, and so, I visited a couple of others, which were unsuitable, and then? I found a very convenient venue, just down the road from my apartment. And now, I need to put the invitations and posters together, and get them ‘out there’.

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So, apart from that job; come next week things will be moving ahead. I shall receive the reviewers’ list on Monday from the publicist, and from there, I pack up and post copies of my book to these people. The hope is, of course, that they’ll love it and write fabulous reviews. If not, I shall have to wear the comments, as that too of part of this book-producing game. I tell you though, I am tired of waiting. The talking to people, and reading from the collection, is such a pleasing aspect of producing a book. Although, with twenty-one stories, it will be hard for me to decide what story to read! I’ve a month to practise. I’d better tell my critique group I’ll be using them as a potential audience.

Back cover

I am rather excited however, about the prospect of being interviewed on national radio, and the date and time for this will also be set soon. I have only ever done one interview on radio, and that was fun, so I have hopes that this one will be the same. So, there are many loose ends to deal with this month, all heading to the book’s release. I wish I could say that I’ve been busy working on my next novel, for although I began it some months back, I just want Pocket Money to be done and dusted first!

I know that several bookstores have already ordered my book, and that makes me very happy indeed. As soon as I am able I shall let you know where Pocket Money can be ordered.

I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “The (frustrating) last lap…

  1. Great achievement and looking forward to reading as soon as a copy available. Going on the above the publishers look like they are doing you proud with themarketing. well deserved acknowledgement of previous work.


  2. Congratulations Vivienne. There is a lot more to getting a book “out there” than meets the eye. How absolutely wonderful that the bookstores are already ordering in advance. This speaks to your amazing talents as a respected author!


    • Yesterday to my surprise, I found several copies of my book in the local book store already. Pocket Money is yet to be reviewed and interviews done. Thank you for saying it speaks to my talents, I can only hope readers will feel the same.


  3. Very exciting, Vivienne. Not long now. I hired a publicist too for my trilogy and it was well worth it. Even now, I still get requests for books from the librarian in the South Island who was one of the people sent a review copy. The radio interviews were so-so, but the one I did with the South Island radio station (I think the interviewer was Terry Toner?) was really fun. Good luck with the last yards!


    • Good to hear that a publicist was helpful. The telling part will be when the reviews are in and interviews underway. I’m a bit nervous right now, knowing media now have my book. Thanks for your comment.


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