The last from the back of the cupboard.

Gus Gull, gouache, on smooth illustration board

Yes, a continuation of the sea creatures I illustrated for the Save Our Seas book I wrote about three posts back. To recap, I was asked to sketch cartoon characters, paint small scenes, draw a myriad of sea creatures, and a few coastal scenes.I have chosen not to put all the remaining images in here, as it would make the post too long, but I hope you like the cross-section of artwork I’ve selected for this one.

This was a turtle puzzle I was asked to do. I used pencil and ink on illustration board and rather enjoyed making it ‘design-like’ and drawing the wriggly seaweed. If you are interested the entry point is at the top beside the front leg. It looks as if I have accidentally cropped the exit. Oops!

The two small scenes here, are drawn in graphite. The light house is on the Otago Peninsular on the coastal road leading from Dunedin around to Portobello. Close-by is a wonderful Albatross colony, where you can see their chicks through telescopes. The Albatross in flight are easily spotted, having wingspans over three metres. I can assure you, that you’ll love viewing the chicks on video too. See some live streaming and videos here.

Moeraki boulders

Just north of Dunedin is a fantastic beach, where you can see the wonderfully rounded Moeraki boulders, in various tones of grey stone. Some of the boulders weigh several tonnes and the largest ones can be over 2 metres wide!

It also has a great restaurant there, if you ever happen to be passing.

This wee painting is done in gouache and edged with pen. The yacht race must be over, as the red woollen socks made famous by New Zealander Sir Peter Blake appear to be drying from a mast. The gannets are just doing what gannets do.

11 thoughts on “The last from the back of the cupboard.

  1. I really like the boulders. I am working on illustrating my children’s book but am still unsure about the final style I want to give it. You are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!


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