Keeping a promise

Some months back, when writing about my newly published short story collection, l promised to post any good reviews. I did receive a very good one last month, but it was in a newspaper and difficult to copy clearly. However, much to my surprise, another very positive review appeared last Friday in a website Booklovers. Chris Reed reviewed the collection, and what he said brought tears to my eyes – of joy. So, I would love to write about something joyous, when often there seems little to be joyous about (I’m talking World News here). I had to trim the page for a screen shot, but have included the link for the full read below.

Thanks to receiving this very good appraisal of my work, I have sprouted fresh writing wings, and have managed to knock out 1000 words per day since Friday on my new novel. I don’t usually set a word number for the day, but with this vote of confidence I am determined to finish by the end of 2023. There may be some of you who will think OMG, a year! But, to those who write, a year sometimes becomes two, or three. Fortunately, my novel has some rather humorous bits, and makes me laugh as I go (after all I do make this stuff up), and it works as a softener for some of the tougher moments. Now THAT is the fun part of writing. Plus making my sentences as good as I can!

9 thoughts on “Keeping a promise

  1. I’m so happy for you getting that review, Vivienne. We work so very hard in solitude then to share our work with the world and have it received in this way makes it all worthwhile. And, to hear of the new confidence it has given you is the cherry on the top. Brilliant!


  2. Congratulations Vivienne! I ordered my copy a little while back – it seems to be somewhere on the Tasman at the moment. I am really looking forward to reading it. …. And your new novel.


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