Day Three: sketch challenge



Day Three, a late start. Travelling a little further from home to Brown’s Bay beach. Kerry had a dental examination, and told me I had ’15 minutes’ to get to the beach and do some sketching. Okay. I was onto it pronto, and practically sprinted to the grassed area beside the shore. A rain shower had just passed over and I spotted a woman with an umbrella walking. Out with the art gear. She was moving quite slowly down the beach and I tracked her with my pencil. Next a man and another woman walking the opposite direction. Not my best sketches ever, but hey, I got something down.



Quick Viv, I told myself. Five minutes to go. I turned my head to the right.  There was a couple standing close by. I got them in and spotted another woman walking away from the beach. The wind whipped her clothes. A few quick lines and I was done. Mm, I liked the movement with these sketches.

Back home to Devonport. It would have to be a cafe scene for the afternoon’s attempt. Corelli’s again. Just after the crazy lunch-time crush. The long table was all mine. Yeah!


pen, aquarelle pencils, graphite

Should have made sure the ink line was perpendicular. But captured a few people and I was happy. Funny enough, no one seem to notice me sketching except the wait staff.

(Decided to add another version of the same scene, as the above photo was not flash. Now, the ink line is fine, as it was my poor photography not my drawing after all).


pen etc.,

I returned home and knocked on a neighbour’s door, thinking I’d ask if I could sketch her some time. Now? Okay, so in I went and sketched Betty and her daughter.


graphite, aquarelle pencils

Two more sketches ticked off the list. But tomorrow I will do some more sketching with ink. I realise I haven’t been doing much of that.

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