Day Two: sketch challenge


ink pen, aquarelle, graphite

Day two of my sketch 100 people challenge proved rather amusing.  I set off walking swinging my art bag, after doing a quick pen sketch (above) from a photo. I was keen as mustard to get going. I had hoped to sketch a friend, but she wasn’t home. Okay; next on the plan was to visit the ferry building – always crowds of people there. Good idea, except the ferry had just departed. No commuters in sight. Right, there were a few visitors hanging about outside, so I pulled out my sketch pad and just managed to get one man in before he moved off. Oh, good, two people at the bus stop. Better than nothing I thought.


ink pen, graphite, a touch of aquarelle pencil

I then moved off to the library as I had planned. Ha. So few people, and all tucked away, with nowhere really for me to sketch. I could see some other people however, on the grass outside, so whizzed out to sketch them before they disappeared. I had to move fast as they were ready to move on once their picnic was over.



Back home for a break then over the road to Corelli’s cafe. Always someone in there. Not so many, as it turned out, but enough for me to get a few more people sketched.  I had a great cup of coffee, and enjoyed a chat with a waitress who loves painting.


graphite, aquarelle pencils, watercolour

And to finish my time at the cafe, the most fleeting sketch of a customer who left before I captured her well. Though, I did like the fleeting lines.



Home again. Not exhausted, yeah! But I was keen to sit down with a cold chardonnay and keep reading more Elena Ferrante. Book two in the Neapolitan series. So good.

See you later.

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