What did I do this for?


water-soluble graphite, aquarelle pencils, pen

I decided last week to take up the challenge of sketching 100 people in a week. Day one was Monday. It is now Tuesday, and I decided that I would write about this experience as I go. I first saw the challenge advertised on Suhita Shirodkar’s site and knew that she and many other sketchers had taken up the #oneweek100people# challenge a few times in the past. I thought ‘well, why not give it a go’.  It would make me work fast, not allow me to get bogged down with too much detail, so I joined up to do this crazy thing.  

Aquarelle pencils, watercolour, water -soluble graphite

Day one. Kerry was at his desk Monday morning, so I grabbed my sketchbook and got sketching, as he was leaving the house in minutes. I couldn’t decide what mediums to use so used several. Wasn’t thrilled, but hey, I got my first sketch down. I grabbed a water-soluble pen next, and drew him writing some notes, now standing at his desk. I washed water through the line; I liked this sketch better.


water-soluble ink pen

Off to exercise class next, followed by a visit to a cafe with a friend. She sketched too, for a while.


brown ink, black ink, acquarelle pencils

I chose not to wash water through the pencil, maybe worried I’d mess it up. Home again, where I fiddled a little with another cafe sketch (top of page), from an image I had on my computer. I forgot that I was using a water-soluble pen (yes I did), and I wasn’t thrilled with the result. However, the people were all seated in shade, so maybe it worked okay. I counted the group as 10 people, so that made 13 in all. I didn’t count the dud. I tell you, I was exhausted, and I had wished to do at least 15. So, I poured myself a glass of chardonnay and put my feet up. That was the end of Day One.

See you tomorrow with more.




4 thoughts on “What did I do this for?

  1. Your sketches are awesome! When I was in Malaga, Spain, a few years ago, there were 8 sketchers who has met at the harbour and I spent a bit of time watching them. So relaxing to sit and observe everything around us. I rarely get enough time to sketch on site. I usually take photos and then sketch in my hotel room. Not the same, I know. I will enjoy your sketches from now on as I am following you here on WordPress. Cheers from 🇨🇦


    • Thanks so much for your comment. And for now following me, I appreciate that.
      Taking photos then sketching is necessary sometimes. It’s just hard to keep the same fluidity in such sketches. Best wishes Vivienne


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