I’ve pushed my manuscript into the ether

bundled manuscript

It may seem relatively simple to write a novel-length work, and send it to a publisher for the printing etc, and sit back and wait until – voila, there the book is, all newly minted and looking gorgeous. It’s not quite that simple for a memoir-style book which requires images as well as text and this was something I’d not thought too much about as I focussed on the writing.


Fig 7 before edit

Selecting appropriate photos to use, and then the order they should appear, was a small challenge in itself. As I write this, my husband is scanning the photographs to the highest resolution, plus enhancing the images where possible. Bearing in mind some of these photos are over fifty years old, it has been a time-consuming business. I certainly  have appreciated his help as I needed to finish one last job before the MS could be dispatched.

Fig 7. Jack and girls in 'garden' copy

Fig 7 after edit

The publisher had asked me to note where I wanted each image placed in the story.  This required me to read through my MS to locate the best place to insert them, and type Fig 1 (eg) and the title to accompany each photo. I chose to type this information in red, so there would be no mistake between the inserts and the text itself. It took longer than I imagined to complete this task and I was certainly pleased when I’d finished.


Let’s face it, I had taken great effort to format the writing as I went, italicising the titles of chapters, making them bold, and have them lining up with the left edge of the script. I had basically made a page layout as I hoped it would look in the book. I think I’m quite good in that area, which probably stems from my experience in advertising; although that was in the dark ages, and ‘heaven help us’ before the electronic age.

And then there was the short biography, the dedication, acknowledgements and the blurb. These I’d all but forgotten. But I got there, having sketched a plan of the book cover, so I could let the publisher know what I would like to go where.

I have a good idea of how I’d like my book to appear and this will be my main concern as I await the proofs from the publisher. I have spoken with the head guy several times, and he is definitely a man who knows his business. His website shows many titles of books he has published and they are impressive. Hence my deciding to try CopyPress for producing this part-fictional memoir of my father.

Initially I thought of designing the cover myself and veered away from that idea. I have now left that to the designers, who will have their own thoughts and interpretation of my story which is titled The (almost) true story of a man called Jack. I look forward to their interpretation. And once I’ve sighted and approved the cover, I shall most likely sketch it and post it on a blog. I can’t wait for that. And of course the finished book.

It’s been a while in the making.

12 thoughts on “I’ve pushed my manuscript into the ether

  1. Oh my goodness Vivienne you have worked hard. Can’t wait to read the book. Hope the final stages go well my friend xx


    • Thanks so much Diane. It was hard work. I shall still probably have bits and pieces to attend to once the script is reviewed. But it’s almost there! I’ll probably have a launch in Wellington sometime. Shall let you know. xx


  2. Good luck Vivienne with is next step. I look forward to handling the book and reading your story!! Very exciting! Xo


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