An unexpected purchase

Robyn Gibson’s artwork

I had popped in to the Depot Artspace to view the new exhibition by Robyn Gibson. It was great seeing the sales already made. It wasn’t surprising to find that the smaller works had been snapped up; as Robyn’s quirky renderings are popular. Her works amuse, yet they hold subtle messages about the consumerism of society. She is a multi-media artist, although this exhibition showcases an assortment of acrylic paintings in the main.

I wandered around, chatting to people, as one does at an opening, while continuing to look at the work on the wall. One painting higher up attracted me. I was aware that this one had not been sold. I’m not usually one to act so spontaneously when purchasing, well anything, but I could see that there was a big chance that this painting would soon have a red dot claiming another’s ownership. “I want to buy that one,” I told the assistant at the counter, and voila, it was done. And that is how Memory Room became mine.

Memory Room

The painting appealed to me on many levels, and it ‘spoke’ to me in a couple of ways. It could represent a younger man thinking about the diminishment of an ageing father, or the reverse: an old man remembering his youth. These thoughts were possibly paramount in my mind because of the memoir I had just released; this had necessitated me looking back to my childhood. But, without any deep intellectual analysis, I basically just liked it. The subject matter, its painterliness, colour palette, composition and size. Now, however, I have to be patient, as I must wait for the exhibition to finish before I can hang it on my own wall. Thanks Robyn for the concept.

Robyn Gibson gained her BFA degree in Australia, where her art was greatly influenced by the colour and vastness of the outback landscape at that time. On her return to New Zealand in the 1990’s she became involved with Depot Artspace. By 2000 she had gained an MFA Sculpture from the Elam School of Fine Arts (Auckland). Robyn continues to work with the Depot Artspace in a curatorial capacity.

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