It won’t be long before the book comes out but…

Promo photo of me at home with books, of course.

I’m really happy to report that my book is now at the printers; I have managed a couple of days doing absolutely nothing except walking and being a slothful version of myself. Oh yes, there was the slightly stressful ‘having my photo taken’ exercise for publicity purposes. I had an idea of how I’d like the scene to be, but do not like having my picture taken. Thanks to my photographer daughter, who knows just what to say to relax the shoulders and get that grim mouth show a slight smile, worked her magic. I really do like the end result. Thank you Lara.

Yesterday, however, I had zoom meeting with my publicist. A new experience, not the Zoom meeting, but having a publicist to help me promote my collection of short stories. But before I got to meet the publicist online, there was a good deal of work expected of me – the very necessary personal material about myself and the book, so that she could start the promotion process. This can take weeks, apparently.

Writing the stories and having my characters say stuff was a breeze compared with finding the right words to talk about myself, in a way which might appeal to the media. The first page was relatively easy, repeating the blurb for the cover, a succinct paragraph about the stories, and a short bio about myself. There were about 10 points the publicist had listed under Author Questionnaire, and I was doing well up to point 5). Interviews: 5-10 main points (unique selling points) about the book and myself, I would wish to discuss. Effective hooks for news on the media, including why I wrote the book, what inspired me and themes contained. What??

Interviews? I’ve done one, and quite enjoyed the experience. But listing up to 10 unique selling points? Effective ‘hooks’ for news in the media? OMG. Believe me, it was like writing another short story. And then, I was asked to list specific media I wished to target and why? Honestly, it was hard work. I wrote a total of 11 pages. In a nutshell, a non-fictional account of the make-up of myself and my fictional work. The publicist now has all that information, and shall mould it into a presentable (and hopefully) interesting pitch for the media. And once again, I shall return to sketching for my next post. Yes, I shall.

I cant wait to show you my book when it arrives – only a week or so to wait!

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