A book cover and an unfinished sketch

Book cover of my new book, including spine.

I did start a sketch for this blog, but it seemed some weird force was against me completing it. I knew that sketching two people, as opposed to one for a portrait was difficult (as I have completed several like this in the past), but I was keen to sketch this image of my granddaughters together. And, guess what? I have one looking fine, my proportions spot on, but the younger girl? I just couldn’t get her right. But, I haven’t given up on that project, yet.

If you look closely you’ll see that I ruined the paper with trying to erase my mistakes on the younger one’s eye, and I really need to start again.

So, until next time, I shall have to talk about my new book again. And that’s because they are arriving tomorrow. I feel both nervous and pleased, that I shall have the tangible manifestation of my writing labours, in book form. I am very happy with the cover in the image you can see, so naturally I am hoping that the actual book will look as good.

Since last post, I acquired a distributor, which means that I don’t have to approach bookstores myself, and can sit back (ha), until I am needed to front for a launch, interview, or book talk. The publicist has written a media release about the book and me, which will soon be in the hands of people who may either say, ‘Yeah! sounds great, let’s go with it!’ or, ‘Nah, let’s not.’ It is my job however, to send my book to the reviewers the publicist nominates, and I should have that list soon. This is the nerve-wracking part, as I have never been in the position of someone critiquing my writing in the public domain. But, if the book gets reviewed, I hope to put a couple of good ones on my site.

I can advertise my book on social media, but as yet, cannot offer it for sale, as I must wait until the release date, which isn’t for a few weeks yet. Naturally I have no control over responses from the media, so until I hear back from the publicist, I’ll keep writing, and sketching. And, next time I shall show you an image of the whole book!

6 thoughts on “A book cover and an unfinished sketch

  1. From the almost haunting cover I sense that the stories will be deeply thought provoking, Vivienne. Can’t wait to have my copy!


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