When you need some passion in your life

1st session, using artist quality colour pencils

I’m still on the botanical track – sorry, if you were thinking I’d written a Mills and Boon style romance – although the passionfruit flower I’ve sketched is as beautiful to look at as its fruit is to eat. This particular plant was thriving a couple of years ago on a wall in my relative’s garden, and thinking it would make a great drawing I took a photo of a flower and the fruit. Alas, the plant shrivelled and died in the heat the following summer. So, I guess my sketch is a kind of memorial to that luscious passionfruit vine which died prematurely. I could have sketched this in one sitting, but decided that I’d like to take it slowly. I sketched it in three short sessions, spread out over three days, as family were visiting.

Final session

I continually sharpened my pencils and kept changing from one tone of green, or purple, to achieve the desired effects. While drawing the initial sketch I wondered how I could show the delicate white tendrils so they would show against the darker background of leaves. This was a good time to leave it alone. On return I began fleshing out the foliage and used an olive green, apple green, and a lemon cadmium for highlights. For the stamens, I used dark violet and magenta. Picking out the edges was tricky, as I wished to keep their delicate appearance, yet I needed to add depth of tone in the line, in order to have the stamens show against the green.

I applied more colour to the foliage, yet left the sketch loose around the outside, so the flower would remain the focal interest.

13 thoughts on “When you need some passion in your life

  1. Thank you for showing us this beautiful drawing. Vivienne, this is margarethallfineart.com here. I’m having a lot of trouble with my WordPress website!


  2. Gorgeous colours and beautiful, delicate flower! We had passion fruit in Maui in 2019 for the first time. The colour of the fruit was so appealing and the fruit itself so luscious that I too was inspired to paint it. I had not seen the flower while we were there so I was very interested in your post. (Love the captivating title! 😉🤣✔️👍)


  3. Beautiful drawing Vivienne, I’m glad you drew my attention to it. These flowers are extraordinary aren’t they, so over the top in all their tendrils and curls! The Australian native one is quite different, but it still has an exotic beauty too!


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