Recapturing the passion for art

fshbtyMonday I was back to the travel sketching class, where the focus was on people. People, faces, bodies, used to be my thing, but not consistently practising these skills has shown a gap in what I know I can achieve and what comes out on the paper. I cannot blame the pen. I have chased another passion (creative writing), too much, and let my art skills languish. By coming to classes, I hoped to renew the passion I’d once held for art.

The first sketch, was fine: a self portrait sketched from a phone ‘selfie’. I’d certainly not done that before, although I had done a few self portraits using the old-style reflection in a mirror. Luckily I happened to have a recent phone selfie, showing off my new glasses, as I could imagine the ten photos I’d have to take in class to get one I remotely liked.

Like my artwork, my looks have changed throughout the years. From a plumprbt youngster to a slimmer adult; from brunette to blonde; no glasses to more glasses, and so it goes. Okay, with my phone propped up in front of me, ink pen in hand, I execute the quick sketch requested. The watercolour I applied later. I wasn’t too unhappy with the result, but maybe I’ll take a few more selfies, for future drawing, just in case.

We changed to doing rapid continuous contour sketches, using class members as subjects. I just couldn’t get the whole figure on the page in the time, but had done the required line, so again felt okay having done something in a matter of minutes.


The problems came later, when we all went to the waterfront, purportedly to sketch up to fifteen individuals. Except, the directive slipped my mind. I couldn’t spot many people for a start and my output was miserable. When I saw what others had achieved, I felt stupid. Here were beginners, with pages full of figures, done in simple line, as the tutor had directed. They’d done a great job. I could have blamed ill-health, as I was recovering from a virus, but really, I have to admit I am a bad student. If a report was written for that day, I expect it might read something like this … is very capable but could do better. Listening skills need attention.

3 thoughts on “Recapturing the passion for art

  1. From my observations your a damn good sketcher, and, the more you do the more you will do.We lead busy lives and have other priorities some times (ill health not withstanding).Some days sketches work better than other days, its just the way it goes. Every line you do is a line of mindfulness and intent to finding another line and then another…. 🙂


  2. Loved it, and your school reports sound familiar! Mine also always said “talks too much”!!!!! 🙄

    You will be getting excited about your trip, sounds like a lot of fun!

    Hope you get over your virus quickly so you can enjoy it to the full.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon – not long now! We leave UK in 2 weeks!!!

    Big hugs 😘😘😘

    Sent from my I Phone Bronny x



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