Domestic sketches


To wind up this series of what I found in my art folders I have decided to show some  sketches – people, plants, animals, and objects – which I drew in and around my house. I have always loved using graphite pencil and this aluminium teapot was a perfect object to draw, given its shape and sheen. I really like the contrast of light and cast shadow. I must have placed the teapot near the edge deliberately so the curve of the table showed in the composition.

How some teenagers do homework

In the above I have done a couple of quick graphite sketches of my daughter doing her homework in a novel way. I was always looking for someone, or something to draw.

davThe cat had his turn modelling too. Naturally it helped if he was asleep. I used sepia coloured pencil for him.

smartcapture I preferred to catch my models still and I nabbed the boys in the perfect situation – watching television. Thought I’d have a go at feet I guess.

img_20190624_110721.jpgSome interesting sculptures my youngest did, sketched in charcoal and conté crayon.


And something a bit more colourful to finish. A Calla lily seed pod picked from the garden outside the kitchen. I used Faber Castell artist quality polychromas pencils for this one..


So, as you can see there is much that can be used around your own domestic space to further your drawing skills, without venturing from your own doorstep. The tools you need are simple too, just a sketchpad, and a few pencils. The hardest part is commitment from you. But art practise shouldn’t be daunting. Ten minutes every day should be enough to set you on your way. Good luck sketchers. Go well.

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