Day Six: sketch challenge


0.5 pen, Aquarelle pencil

What a difference a day makes, as the song goes, and Day six of my sketch challenge was certainly the best sketching day of the week. The Saturday sketch group that I am part of met at a different venue this week: Britomart, Auckland’s central train station. Our tutor Tony was continuing to look at one-point perspective, in relation to trains stopped at the terminus, as well as sketching people on the platform. I had told Tony about the sketch 100 people challenge, so that would be my focus. But first …


.05 black pigment liner

We waited outside the platform area, as Tony was required to have the group fitted with High Vis vests to enable us to access the platform, and to make staff aware that we were visitors. That was fun. We were instructed to not obstruct the platform, so  we stood to one side, giving us a clear view of the trains as they pulled in. A good one-point perspective. I began sketching some of our group as we waited for another train. It would be pen for me for all sketches today.  A few contour and grope sketches (above) to start [grope meaning that you don’t lift your pen from the page while you sketch].


.05 pen, Aquarelle pencil

It was good to focus on our group as they were clearly staying in one place longer than the passengers who passed by. From time to time passengers approached us asking what survey we were undertaking, or what platform a certain train left from. That was fun too.  We decided to cross to a different platform with the aim of getting some close-up views of stationary trains. I had a wee bit of trouble with my figures in this last sketch as they moved a lot and I scribbled over them a bit much.


.05 pen


Yes, it was a good day; a few good sketches under my belt, and I felt happy.

I do believe using my new sketch book helped. I love using good paper and this 165gsm Moleskin paper in this Art Collection book is creamy, smooth, and perfect for many mediums.


May we have more group excursions like this; even it means wearing a High Vis vest.


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