Just one small thing at a time


Figs in a Green Bowl by V. Lingard

Following last week’s post, I began wondering what I would write for the next. I usually like to ‘mix and match’ the content of my posts to keep my interest up, and hopefully that of my followers. But this week, for me (and everyone else), it has been a week so different and unplanned that it has been hard to think of writing longer succinct pieces of writing on any subject.  So, while this ‘isolating’ in our homes settles into a pattern, and I can begin thinking of something other than the covid-19 virus, I shall be posting one sketch at time and tell you the story attached to each.

Take the pencil and watercolour above of figs in a green bowl. My husband tends to our vegetable plot in the local community garden. He spotted these figs ripening above his head and picked several, quite delighted to have some, as they’re a favourite fruit of his. I love their colour, more than the taste, but quickly whipped a deep green bowl from the cupboard and set the figs in, admiring the rich colour of both fruit and bowl. It looked so gorgeous I sketched it, using a mix of aquarelle pencils and watercolour.  I left the watercolour to dry, intending to add pencil later, but returned to my room and couldn’t understand how I had missed a sixth fig which also sat in the bowl. I finished the sketch, ignoring the extra fig. It didn’t look right. Guess what? My husband had popped it there when I wasn’t looking. He does love practical jokes, especially when I’m the target. I laughed, relieved that I wasn’t losing my memory.

I rather like the result (with the five figs). I hope that you do too. Happy creating, whatever your interest might be in these challenging times.

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