Writing or sketching? – what to do?

sketch of Roman statue

I wrote recently of being in a slump, where I wasn’t feeling like writing or sketching. Weeks of Covid Lockdown have done that to me, to some degree. Then one day I felt like continuing the novel I’d deserted, just a few pages in. With any genre of writing, but especially with a longer piece, it is necessary to write then leave it alone for a while, returning with fresh eyes, as one can become too close to the work. I read through those pages, adding something here, and removing something elsewhere. I was happy to be writing again.

However, I found myself in a dilemma, for when the writing was going well, I kept wondering about the sketch I had meant to do before the writing block ended. I mean, really? It wasn’t as if I was planning to produce a work of major note, but only a realistic interpretation of a statue. I wrote a blog some time back I have a thing about fountains, which are statues of a kind, and decided it was time I produced another drawing of one. I love drawing the figure, and a statue makes a perfect model. Often, when I have seen statues when travelling in Europe, I photograph them in order to draw them later. But seeing as I can only armchair travel right now, I found an image online which would have to do. So, I started sketching.

But… I couldn’t get the storyline of my new novel out of my head. So, down with my pencils and onto my computer to continue the thread. Normally I would have finished a sketch, like the one above, in an hour, but this one, with the to-ing and fro-ing between each medium, took three days. I decided not to ‘finish’ the statue sketch as I had become a little bored. You got it! I couldn’t get the new novel out of my head!

Sorry that you won’t get a peek at my new novel just yet, but don’t worry, you will in time.

For the statue sketch I used B, HB and 3F pencils and for the sky, Faber Castell polychromos light ultramarine blue pencil.

6 thoughts on “Writing or sketching? – what to do?

  1. The sketching must help sometimes with the ideas for the novel and the writing might do the same for the sketching. Either way, if it helps to dig us out of a slump, we must take advantage of that gift! I find that ideas will come to me at the most inconvenient times! Love your sketch….totally fine as is!


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