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In the run up to the start of my travel-sketching class, I have been trying to complete a sketch a day. Drawing daily used to be effortless, but now, I seem to need more motivation to get started. I have managed to get some sketches done and thought I’d show that I can sometimes walk the talk. As I have a very nice room, set up for both writing and art, I thought I’d take objects I like and sketch them at the worktable in there.

I need the practice, as my watercolour skills are not flash, and I know only too well that improvement comes by actually ‘doing it’. So, dear readers, I am going to show you a variety of sketches, some successful, and others not. It is the artist’s prerogative, is it not, to be the harshest judge? I was quite happy with the first quick sketch of this Queensland landscape, from a photo I took on my recent visit.


Aquarelle pencils and watercolour

I try to work quickly, but often I get a bit bogged down and the sketch ends up ‘muddy’ or overworked. This one worked okay, I think. I’ve always liked sketching scenes. Then, I decided to try a different subject; a small ceramic vase, made by New Zealander Richard Parker.


Pencil and watercolour

And another vase by the same artist, but using paper with a little more texture.


Pencil and watercolour

I got bored and decided to change subjects again. Back to an outdoors sketch, from a holiday photo. On the road in Australia, when thunderstorms were imminent.


Ink pen, pencil, watercolour

I prefer sketching outdoor scenes, clouds especially, as I can create better freedom of movement. I like this watercolour sketch.


Polychromos artist quality pencil

I did several more sketches which don’t bear scrutiny, and a couple which I haven’t yet finished with. But yesterday, I felt like drawing, rather than painting, and chose a large green tomato from our plot in the community garden that birds had been attacking. On the whole, I think static objects are best drawn, well at least by me.

That’s all for now.

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