Back to class!


5-10 minute pose using stick charcoal, rubbed with my fingers.

Today I began my first Life Drawing class for some time: one of nine. I guessed that I’d be somewhat rusty; but when the stick charcoal began to side across the newsprint paper, I was in my happy place. I have always loved sketching the human form, and with a very good model it is about as good as it gets. This morning I chose a ‘Donkey’ bench to use, which for the non-arty is a narrow bench, with a stand at one end where aboard rests, and where one clips on paper to use. The user sits astride. Mm, some years have passed since this was may preferred seat for such sketching purposes. Next time, I’ll grab an easel to stand at, and have a Donkey nearby as back-up.

5 minute pose using stick charcoal, rubbed with my fingers

Our tutor guided what mediums we should use for the session, and was I pleased he’d selected stick (willow) charcoal for most of the poses. Charcoal is my favourite drawing medium when it comes to figure studies, and I was pretty happy with these first quick sketches after some absence from the drawing board. Several years back, figure drawing, tutoring and exhibiting was almost a full-time occupation for me. I used to engage models when readying for an exhibition, and grew to know just how vital the connection between model and artist is, to have a successful association. This takes in the models’comfort, giving the model space, and ensuring plenty of breaks throughout. The model needs to feel part of the group, to be shown respect, and not be left feeling ‘it is just a job’. Without the model there would be no life drawing – and for one, I wouldn’t be happy with that scenario.

I am posting just two sketches today, as I have yet to pack my bag for a trip to Christchurch to spend time with my sister. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in time for my class next week, and I shall be posting each week, all going well. I’ll mix the media up over the weeks, and that will be fun. Until then, stay well and keep posting. Vivienne.

Caravaggio revisited


From The Soul and the Blood advertisement

Two weeks ago I took myself to see the film Caravaggio: The Soul and the Blood, which was part of the Italian film festival showing in our local cinema. I am a big fan of Caravaggio, and three works in particular, which appear in the movie. To think that I almost missed seeing these works in the flesh when visiting Rome some years back. The accidental way this came about is quite funny, I think, and why I’m reposting the story I wrote in 2018 about this experience.

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